Wednesday 18 February 2015

The Challenge Update

There has been a few eventful moments since that fateful night outside the Rutland Arms. The Challenge is now in full swing called the Maker Faire UK Lasercut Challenge.

Big thanks has to be given to DefProc for organizing the event and rules, so far seems to be a war of words between myself and Oomlout :)

Version 1

I have decided to go for a Ping Pong Ball Impeller it involves a  horizontal cylinder  design with a spinning set of fins inside firing the balls out of a small opening. 

So for the cylinder shape I used one of my favorite laser methods of creating a living hinge :) though this one of the biggest I've ever tried to cut.  

Unfortunately I didn't secure the fins that well in this design and spun it up a bit quick a fin flew out and smashed the housing.   OOOOPPS!

Version 2

 One of the other problems with V1 was also i had no bearing in the system and I self suspended to fan in the top of a drill well this next version will have a few changes.

  • Smaller Overall size 
  • Fan suspended on skate bearings 
  • Top bracing for the fins 

The current schematics, drawings and rules can be found on the MFUKLC Git repository. If you fancy joining the rest of us in this challenge there are rules for submitting ranged entry's (for people who can't make Maker Faire) in the Repo.

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