Monday 11 May 2020

Aprils Round up: Farewell Jon Conway

Farewell John Conway 

It is unfortunate when you have to start a post with an obituary. On the 11th April the Maths and Physics has lost a great. John Horton Conway passed away aged 82.

In 1970 Conway developed the 'Game of Life' one of the early cellular automatons which generates patterns to a known set of rules. which in the early days he would draw onto graph paper as it was well before the home computing revolution. This has spawned countless examples of his algorithm, and often used as an example on matrix displays. 

Remembering Mathematical Magician John Conway
Credit: Thane Plambeck Flickr (CC BY 2.0)

This is still the same today with many people celebrating his life and achievements with examples of this.

This above example by @ef1j91 on done on a TE-318 teleprinter wow!

And a very pretty example by @sethpine

Brian Corteil Looses His Beard

In the current climate of lock-down and social distancing Museums are being hit hard. Not being allowed to open their doors to paying customers while still have to fork out on rents and bills. Brian Corteil of Coretec Robots made the ultimate sacrifice by shaving his beard off. With this he raised £349 to help keep the light on.
Nice one Brian 😀

New video from the 8-bit Guy

The 8-Bit guy is one of my favorite Youtube creators when id come down Retro computing. He upload an interesting video this month on different and obscure medias types, defiantly worth checking out.

I was hoping to share some more cool projects I had found but unfortunately time has run out so i'll leave it with these this month.

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