Monday 29 December 2014

New Years Blogs and Resolutions

Hi folks,
Hope everyone has had a great Christmas just a quick post on some of the things happening on my Blog in the coming  year.

I am very much a believer in 'Don't Give Up Try Something New ' with this in mind.

This is my list of New Years Resolutions for this Blog as well as the Makers Calendar.
  • First of set specific posting days of the week I'll start with 2 post a week Monday and Thursday. 
  • Improve with a better layout maybe a move from Blogger to a more customisable CMS with artwork and more pictures.
  • Move the Makers Calendar to it's own site allowing more event details to be posted and some space for maker/hackspace events as well as the more national events with  more info about the organisations running them.
  • Share as many of my lasercut designs as possible. I draw designs for lasercutting on a very regular basis little tools, jigs and objects. Some of which are very useful some not so but you can have them anyway. All my published designs can be found at Thingiverse 
  • And a big one that I'm going to work on straight away is improve my photography. My camera work is a little ropey at the best of times especially during video work. Still learning, and this could lead to some nice Hacky solutions to this problem.

Here's some shots of some of the stuff I'm working on:

mmm Lasercutting

More stuff from China 

Kit reviews 

Kickstarter rewards

Have a Great New Year Folks


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