Thursday 13 December 2018

BAW: Update


Hi all,

I feel its about time I gave everyone who reads this blog a bit of an update on what is happening with board a week.

I think the first thing i have to really say is that I am still designing boards on a semi regular basis I still have much to learn and want to continue making boards.

I think one thing I i have had to except is that currently I am not able to design a board a week, and I is not due to drive to do it. I have other responsibilities that need to be met first whether that is to my family, my work or just to have a little time for myself. The hard thing is to admit is I can't do it all even though I try.

I think the other think I have to keep in mind is not to be too hard on myself about all of this, I think just making little strides towards getting something completed is as good as going heavily from start to finish and being frustrated when  I can't achieve this goal. I think I discovered that in week 4 trying to complete the bubble watch in one straight run proved not to work. that one i will come back to soon. I the meantime i have learnt far more about the STM32 platform which will allow me to go back and complete it. 


As BAW is at the moment I'm putting the finishing touches to Week 9 M0GO a USB Device Dev Board. I think after that it will be a revisit to Bubble Watch.

On the subject of having these boards made, I have just send of the Geber files for both Week 8 LoRA Thing and Week 7 GiveMePower hopefully will have those before Christmas. I think I have missed the boat for doing a board for Christmas but defiantly have something in mind for valentines.


I would like to take this moment to say a big thank you to everybody that has encouraged me to do this either with friendly words or likes and retweets. I have I continue to be of some interest and hope that others can learn from my mistakes.

Please continue you support and all updates are on my Git Repo

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