Tuesday 26 February 2019

BAW!! A very late new years update

Hi folks

Sorry for being so quiet this year so far I have had a massive PCB project I have been working on with someone and has consumed the time I would normally devote to Board a Week.

Unfortunately I can't say too much about it at this moment the project involved 4 different boards one of them being a 6 layer monster, all with KiCAD WOOO! go open source EDA.

Incidentally I have been working on other boards for Board a Week. M0GO I have completed and the Gerbers are in the GIT hub repo.

I should have a blog post coming for that very soon. Also the bubble watch original for week 4 is now complete.

Can't wait to make that one ;) I'll have a little write up of the details later. 

On top of everything have managed to assemble a couple of these boards. The great thing is the seem to be working well.

Both Lora Thing and Give Me Power arrived safe and sound from JLC PCB The have done quiet a nice job of them. 

Give me power works very well using it actively  😊

I also had the opportunity to design a breakout board for work for the PAM9081 3W  stereo amplifier super quick job but my boss seem happy as it worked straight out.

I realize this is a super quick rundown of what has been happening over the last few months I have a couple of BAW projects in the pipe currently doing an HDMI multiplexer called HDMy should be fun and going to do a stand alone LORA sensor node.

Hope you like the update remember all these projects are in GIT hub

More Posts are coming soon......

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