Monday 20 April 2020

Restarting the YouTube channel

It's been a while and I have decided that it was time to restart the YouTube channel.

I decided a few months ago it was time to start again to try and make some content more in reflection of how my life is now, this is because a lot of the content was well over 5 years old and in some cases much older.

I want to try and make this channel great and informative from the beginning and with help from my beautiful supportive wife 💗 I believe this is possible.

Onto the first video (don't get too excited it is just a channel update) 😊 but I have spent some time on the title sequence and eventually should have an ending sequence.The music by the way is free for non commercial use from fesliyanstudios so a big special thanks to them for providing that free for use as I believe it really works for my content.

I have several open projects that I started this year and I'm hoping to keep you in the loop and up to date on.

SimpleJTAG (low cost JTAG programmer)
Basic-MC6800 (Retro computer board)
Rabid's Electronics Emporium (My Tindie Store)
CH552 Dev board ( Yet to come up with a good name )

My filming schedule:
I am hoping that I can release two videos a month or a video every two weeks.

Let me know what you think either down below, twitter or 

Ta Ta For Now

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