Thursday 1 January 2015

Quick Tour Of Infinte Crypt @ThePortlandWorks

When I was with The Sheffield Hardware Hackers And Makers having a look at a new base of operations at the Portland Works click here to read that post.

Portland works mail system :)

One of the other business owners is James Wallbank CEO of a Start-up company called Infinite Crypt.

Infinite Crypt is a real Kickstarter success story, designing and making cost effective scale scenery for war games and table-top role play, composed of well thought out elements doorways,walls and even a great big face motif.  

James uses two HPC lasercuters two create the elements in kit from from 3mm MDF sheets. The thing I like is the couple of Hacks he has done to ease the process. The first thing to not that he uses a single industrial chiller to cool both of the 60 watt CO2 laser tubes buy hacking up a large Really Useful Box for and extra water bath.

But my favourite hack is using and old monochrome monitor with a Raspberry Pi to keep track on the temperature of the coolant going into the laser tubes. The nice thing about this hack he has taken a little monitor with very poor resolution and used ASCII art to create large numbers that can be easily seen from the other side of his workshop.  

Spot the Pi :)

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