Saturday, 17 January 2015

Flotilla The NEW making tinkering platform for the Raspberry Pi by Pimoroni

Kickstarter is all a buzz with excitement as Pimoroni launch their new campaign.

Flotilla is a brand new development platform for the Raspberry Pi with a focus on 'Hassle-free Digital tinkering for everyone'

Flotilla consists of a Dock that different Modules plug into consisting of sensors, controls motors and displays.

The Platform is designed to be used by everyone from a young beginner to hardened maker with programming systems from basic suggested 'Cookbook' projects ,a webpage icon based programming interface called 'Rockpool' to well supported Scratch implementations and python Modules.

At the writing of this post The Campaign was over 1/2 funded within a few hours at over £16500 and 191 Backers :)

This is a fantastic project that, if executed right will make entry into tinkering with electronics so much easier, removing the need to understand wire protocols and endless debugging, and just getting on with being creative.

As of around 9.30am 18/01/15 Flotilla reached its campaign goal of £32,768 it has really raced through hitting its goal in just over 24hrs, and at writing this update was most of the way to £40K.

This is an incredible pace and hopefully there will be many stretch goal to keep new backers clocking in, It is made even more incredible because it has only been advertised through twitter and Bloggers like myself Mike Horne and a few others (sorry if I haven't listed you, I can only find this one at the mo ;) ) .

At this point  Kickstarter prediction engine Kicktraq predicts based on current trend could reach just shy for £600,000 by the end of the campaign.

Watch and see :)

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