Saturday 24 January 2015

The Challenge (Pimoroni vs Oomlout vs DoESLiverpool)

So in Sheffield we have just had an Open Source Hardware User Group event that brought a few makers, maker business owners, open source enthusiasts and social enterprises together.

Now after the event on Open Source Business we all adjourned to the Rutland Arms for a quick one before home.
Well that many Makers and Tech nerds in the same building it was bound to happen.  

A CHALLENGE between myself of Pimoroni,  Oomlout and DoES Liverpool 

The Challenge:

To build a device that can propel small light weight projectiles against a target. The ammunition can be chosen between from:

  • Nerf Darts 
  • Ping Pong Balls 
  • Ball Pool Balls 
Design Constants:

Apart from of the shelf fixtures and fittings and available motors etc. the device can be made from no more then a single sheet of A0 (1200mm x 900mm) 3mm acrylic. Must be ready by MakerFaire UK.

Winning Conditions:

The greatest number of projectiles hitting against a target in 30 seconds.

I'll keep you up to date in my progress :) already have a few ideas 


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