Thursday 21 January 2016

A first look at the SeeedStudio Rephone

I have had an exciting kickstarter reward arrive. My Seeedstudio RePhone has landed and I am having a little play with it to see what it is like.

SeeedStudio are a maker supplies firm based in Shenzhen, china would make some very nice maker goodies at an affordable price. I met some of the guys from SeeedStudio while out in Berlin during my #HackAroundBerlin tour, and found that they were holding a Hackday in the city at BetaHaus for there new kickstarter the RePhone.

The Rephone is and Open Source modular cellular phone system that has a central GSM and BLE module that is programmable via the Arduino IDE. The tier that I backed on kickstarter was the Create Kit which as well as the main Rephone module it includes a touchscreen module, a speaker and microphone module and a Prototyping module. 

I was excited to get it open and show you guys what it includes. Hopefully this is a better quality video than previous, I have a new camera and microphone as the overall quality should be better.

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