Thursday 27 November 2014

Hackers and Makers Calendar UK 2015

The other day I found myself looking to the year ahead and thinking of all the upcoming Maker Faires , Raspberry Jams and many other Geeky and Makey events.

Then suddenly realised that I had already double booked myself for Maker Faire UK :( sad face 

This left me thinking there is no comprehensive Hackers and Makers calendar and left me trawling through the varied websites to add the details to my own calendar.

So decided to make a Google calendar containing as many maker events I can find, and share it with everyone. 

If there are any events that doesn't appear in the calendar place leave some details in the comments below. 

If you like this calendar please share it with outers and a +g at the bottom of the page :)

This calendar includes:
  • Major International and UK Maker Faires 
  • Confirmed National Mini Maker Faire
  • Confirmed Raspberry Jams 
  • Hackday's
  • Science Festivals 
  • University/ Educational Festivals
  • Tech Trade Shows 
  • Happy Hacking

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