Monday 10 November 2014

Hello All,

Long time no Blogging since my little home sever failed me I have been looking for a new home to write my Ramblings. 

Well here it is hope you like it :)

A little Into:

I'm Gee The Rabid Inventor, I'm a Maker, Tinkerer, Hacker and serial Warranty Voider. I also run the BotLab at Pimoroni Ltd. manufacturing funky electronics mainly for the Raspberry Pi

Quietly Hoping this Photo won't break the internet

My Blog:

Will include but not exclusive to the following
  • Teardowns 
  • Hacks
  • Stuff I'm working on
  • Shows I've been to 
  • Makie news items 
  • Reviews
  • And All The Stuffs
That all for the Mo More Goodness to come :)

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