Monday 24 November 2014

UK MakerBelt Accociation Meet Episode 6 Nottingham

An exciting day was to be had on in Nottingham at the 6th monthly UK Makerbelt Association symposium. The UKMBA was brought together as a group of like minded for some food and a natter in cities within the UK maker Belt (spanning from somewhere south of Nottingham to  somewhere north of Newcastle), and hopefully get to visit a local Hackspace, workshop or other Maker/Creative place.

This months was a visit to Nottingham a really creative city. Having lunch Annies Burger Shack mmmmm burgers.

Aaron Potterfield (oomlout)
Miles (Ciseco)
Iain Sharp (Lust Projects)
Dominic Morrow (Nottingham Hackspace)
Hwayoung (
And Me :)

Subjects covered:
How to move the UKMBA forward
Nottingham Creative Quarter
National security verses Internet privacy with the new law being reviewed
A hush hush big maker faire MAYBE! shhhhhhhhhhhh
Hmayoung's creative open-top mini bus tours
Blogging tips

Then it was off to Nottingham Hackspace for a visit.

NottsHack has a membership pool of 350+ members that use NFC tags to access the space allowing its members to come and go freely and the freedom to work on projects whenever they can get there.

Exciting Purple Door
 Textile Area

Nicely laid out soldering areas with plenty of bench power 
Sweets and electronics in the same vending machine accessed with memebers NFC tags an charges the members accounts
All I can say is I totally agree :)

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