Monday, 17 November 2014

Kitchen Teardowns

As promised in my earlier post I'm going to include a lot more content in my blog including Teardowns of consumer products that could hold some interesting parts and ideas for projects.

For this first video I'm goingto teardown An AppGear Elite Command AR app blaster. These originally retailed for around £25 I found mine in local bargains outlet  for 99p making it a great teardown 'On A Budget'.

Got some nice bits out of this Teardown including:

0.25W 8Ohm speaker
Button contacts
Housing for future projects 
Battery holder 
4 Pole 3.5mm jack to exposed wire 
sound chip with a nice gun sound 
Sonix snap01 0.75wattt class AB audio amp IC
datasheet Here

Just goes to show you don't need lots of money to build up your parts collection. 

Please leave comments below or on the Youtube page, tweet me @rabid_inventor and if there is anything you want to see the guts of leave it in the comments below :)

Happy Hacking

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